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HOMESICK at Stratton Mountain, VT

This past weekend the east coast turned up in Vermont, where Gary Land (featured in Issue 19.3) of East Street Archives hosted the first ever HOMESICK event. Paying homage to the old US Opens, hundreds of riders and spectators came out for a long weekend of friendly competition at Stratton Mountain Resort. It was a gathering of generational greats, from Ross Powers to Shaun White, Todd Richards to Zeb Powell, Scotty Lago to Johnny O’Connor and many, many more. Riders raced in a banked slalom, faced-off a retro mini pipe, then capped things off with a rail jam. Nods to the past intertwined with the present–something we look forward to more of in the future.

ABOVE Todd Richards airing in the retro mini pipe that pays homage to US Opens of days past.

ABOVE Joey Leon, stalefish.

ABOVE Still got it. Ross Powers with the method.

ABOVE A Vermonter known for his jibbing on the banked slalom, Mr. Lucas Magoon.

ABOVE (Top/Left) The next generation of rippers scoping their lines on the mini pipe. (Right/Bottom) Up-and-comers Sumner Orr, Noah Avallone and Tommy Okesson tripling up on the pipe.

ABOVE (Top/Left) Two East Coast born pros–Johnny O’Connor of New York and Zeb Powell of North Carolina–getting sketchy and creative during the rail jam on Sunday. (Bottom/Right) Zeb Powell wallie-to-backflip over several other riders. It wouldn’t be a proper tribute to the old US Opens without a bit of raucousness.

All photos by Andrew Kimiciek. 






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