Arthur Longo Raw Footage from “Elles”

Arthur Longo (featured in Issue 18.3), the high-flying Frenchman known for his backcountry prowess and viral “Sidehits Euphoria” videos, just dropped an edit using raw footage from his time spent filming for Vans Snow’s “Elles.” True to form, it’s chock-full of floaty, effortless hits that only Arthur could pull off.

A word from Arthur about the video: 

Welcome to the purely RAW, SPONTANEOUS, UNTHOUGHT and UNCLEVER version of Vans “ELLES”. If of course, you are brave enough to scheme through numerous minutes of partially unseen footage.

Featuring Arthur Longo, Jake Price, Julien Petry, Severin VanDerMeer, Willem Jones, Silvano Zeiter, Rick Baker, Lenny Oliver, Bruno Rivoire, David Tchag, Matt Georges and possibly other friends and friendly encounters.

Captured by Olivier Gittler.


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