BLURRY featuring Kyle Nienhouse, Windham Miller and More

It’s the season of snowboarding videos, they’re dropping left and right. Some have big budgets, but not this one. Although, what this movie lacks in budget it makes up for in heart, as well as some highly underrated rail riding. The few powder clips that found their way in there go pretty hard, too. Without further ado, BLURRY, featuring Kyle Nienhouse, Windham Miller, Jack Elliston, Tyler Colling, Jake Halverson, Matt Ganley, Nick Nesson, Ayrton Lehmann and Mitch Holtz.

A word from the crew about the video: 

The reason we called this one blurry is simple. After shooting four rolls of super 8 with my Mk1 super glued onto the lens. We thought we nailed it. Only to find out all four rolls came back almost entirely unusable. But that feeling of guttural disappointment didn’t last long, and after listening to some Puddle of Mudd, they had a song that was meant to be the opener and suited for a title. We also saw a simple fix to my screw up and complete lack of understanding of macro focus on a camera from the seventies. Nonetheless, we still managed to get away with some passable clips to use in the intro and sprinkle throughout. Thanks for watching and reading.

The Vans video [of the same title] came out two days after our premiere, we had no idea they were putting out one called Blurry also. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have named it that but, oh well. Anyway, appreciate all the homies that helped with this one. We love you all. Keep boarding!



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