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COVERED: Cold and Clear with the Lodge Boys

From the cover of Issue 17.1: “February 2019 was exceptionally cold and clear at Mt. Baker, WA. A few solid storms were followed by prolonged runs of clear weather, which preserved the snow for long stretches of alpine riding, a rarity in the Pacific Northwest. Here, Kael Martin sets the afternoon bootpack while Jerry Mark, Tucker Andrews, Harry Kearney and Timmy Taussig follow. It was the first day after a storm and we rode until sunset, setting up another unforgettable week at home.”

Indeed, February was unmatched at Mt. Baker this past winter. This session was part of a five-day run shooting with The Lodge Boys, Tucker and Kael. By late afternoon the skies had cleared, but we began the day under heavy clouds. The day after, the sun fully popped. Here, you’ll find a few shots from before this picture was taken, and a few shots after.

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