Fill the Fridge

A Collaboration Event Between Snowboy Productions and SHRED Foundation

“People have said building in here is a challenge,” Krush Kulesza said as he looked toward the terrain park that he worked through the night to construct indoors at Big Snow American Dream. This is the third time I’ve visited the country’s only refrigerated slope, located in the American Dream megamall in Rutherford, NJ, across the street from MetLife Stadium where the New York Giants and Jets play football. To very little surprise, it’s the nicest park setup I’ve seen here, complete with a line of fun jibs and two of Snowboy Production’s signature volcano features.  “But” Krush continues, “I like a challenge.”

ABOVE Eddy Rodriguez, frontside 270 boardslide at Snowboy Productions and SHRED Foundation’s late-September event, Fill the Fridge, held at Big Snow American Dream, NJ.

ABOVE Timmy Sullivan, frontside boardslide crail grab.

ABOVE SHRED Foundation Ambassador Johnny O’Connor nosepressing up and over the rainbow rail.

Krush, Head Honcho at Snowboy Productions, came to the east coast in late September to partner with SHRED Foundation on this event called “Fill the Fridge.” It was the final stop in Snowboy’s Space Creators Tour, a laid back get together to help raise funds for SHRED Foundation. SHRED Foundation is a nonprofit based in New York which uses snowboarding as an avenue to empower young individuals and give them opportunities to enjoy the mountains, while also exposing them to possible career paths in videography, photography, park building and more.

ABOVE (left to right) Snowboy Productions Head Honcho, Krush Kulesza, and SHRED Foundation Founder/CEO, Danny Hairston. “This is what 25 minutes of sleep looks like” — Krush Kulesza.

ABOVE John Phocas, frontflip attempt. He rallied back up and stomped a later try.

ABOVE Filmer Carlo “Barlo” Marasigan, repping New York heavy.

ABOVE Best dressed Cay Chester, backside 270 boardslide 270 out.

To help put together the park together in only several hours’ time, Krush called on diggers from park crews from around the area for assistance. By 11 a.m. the place was packed with a very diverse group of riders, a mix of both Big Snow’s regular patrons and Fill the Fridge event attendees, including SHRED Foundation Ambassadors Johnny O’Connor, Michael McDaniel and LJ Henriquez. As the day went on, the park gradually slowed down, but the proceeds ramped up. At the end of it all, over $10,000 was raised for SHRED Foundation. The fridge was successfully filled, which means this upcoming winter some more hearts will get to be, too.

ABOVE Jake Parker getting blunted on the flat bar.

ABOVE Matteo Blum filming with his friend for their Roadrunner Productions crew video.

ABOVE The Big Snow American Dream yeti and LJ Henriquez all smiles at Fill the Fridge.

ABOVE Snowboy Production’s official recap video of Fill the Fridge. Filmed and edited by Carlo “Barlo” Marasigan.

Additional filming by Kirsten Potts, Ronnie Foreman & Tyler Franger.

Riders in order of appearance : LJ Henriquez, Jake Valiton, John Bryant, Nick Frey, Chad Nicholson, Christina Thai, Isaac Joung, Marcus Spalding, Jetson Smitobol, Noah Carballo, Sebastian Diaz, Johnny O’Connor, Matteo Blum, Shaun Murphy, Sophie Bille, Taylor VanNosdall, Jake Parker, Darius Brown, SK, Michael McDaniel, Jalen Geter, Liza Aschettino, Cay Chester, Jared Jones, Ronnie Foreman, Troy Esposito, Naps, Noah Kunz & Jon Koch.

Thank you to SHRED Foundation Founder/CEO Danny Hairston, Krush Kulesza and Snowboy Productions, Big Snow American Dream, the diggers, donors, and everyone involved with Fill the Fridge. 

Learn more about SHRED Foundation and get involved here.

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