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Mt Baker Opening Day 2016

The Jet Stream Delivers

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“A week ago, there wasn’t much snow in the Cascades. It seemed we’d be rolling into the 2016-17 season at a governed pace, slowly ramping up to the deep December sessions we all know and love.

Then, early last week, the jet stream pointed it towards the Pacific Northwest and blasted Mt Baker Ski Area with all its might while we hunkered down in the lowlands and enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast. By Friday, storm totals exceeded all expectations: with 30 inches over 24 hours and nearly four feet in the last two days, even the most optimistic pre-season pundits were giddy with the promise of powder days to come. Mt Baker would be showing her best side for opening day…”

In celebration of one of the best Mt Baker opening days on record, we put together a microsite featuring a magazine-style photo essay. Click here to view the full feature, including shots with Eric Jackson, Nick Ennen, Byron Bagwell, Cameron Hamilton, Justin Kious and many more.



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