Absinthe Films Brings The Thunder

After a few dry months in the Pacific Northwest, Mother Nature has flipped the switch. This week it snowed upwards of 10 inches at Mt. Hood, OR, and western Washington is wet once again. To match last night’s rain in Seattle, Absinthe Films brought the thunder, answering the call of quality-hungry snowboarders with the premiere of their highly anticipated film, “Turbodojo.”

It didn’t disappoint, not even for a minute. From Nicolas Müller’s explosive opener Mikkel Bang’s triumphant ender and everything in between, “Turbodojo” administered a deep, refreshing breath of alpine air into a crowd previously inundated by the junk clogging their social media feeds. Gone with repetition, it struck that chord, the one that makes you truly proud to call yourself a snowboarder. With a no-filler, all-hammers flow, the film’s energy blasted into its viewers like a snowy dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

Between the highly contrasted holy-hell moments and some more lighthearted feels, “Turbodojo” provides a pleasant blend of awe and aspiration with a sense of fun-loving, communal accessibility. Crowds of plaid clad, beanie bearing fans of all ages reciprocated its spirit, and filled the walls of the SIFF Egyptian Theatre with an excited symphony of yew’s, wow’s and owww’s throughout the show. It was everything a snowboard premiere should be: exciting, inspiring, empowering—you know, all those important ‘ings.

We left the theatre with a fiery stoke, stepping into the city with thoughts of snowier times ahead. It won’t be long now. But in the meantime, we’ll keep rolling with the rain, and reveling in the thunder.

See Absinthe’s tour dates to find a “Turbodojo” screening in your area. 


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