Patrick McCarthy And the Northwest’s Next Wave Interview John Laing
Lukas Huffman BC’s Heart of Darkness Words Lukas Huffman
Jessica Mooney Photo Essay Words Jessica Mooney


Up Top Treepeople, methodology, and truckin’ with Lepore.

Masthead Our own front-line surge.

Notes Bob Barci memorial.

X Report Shred search for Sasquatch.

Fly By
Freq Week and La Freq Week ’07 Baldface, BC.
Film Review.

Lines. Axel Pauporte drops in.

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Contributors The Coalition of the Reasonably Willing.

Fly By
2007 LBS Champ Lucas Debari.
Holy Oly Northwest pride and a pallet of cheap beer.

Yodel “When I Turned Right” Jesse Burtner explores the nature of progression.

Communique Hoosiers, domestic disputes and searching for Jamie Lynn.

Coda Pat Mulberry goes slip-slidin’ away.


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