Bud Keene

As a coach and mentor, Bud Keene is the most influential behind-the-scenes figure in competitive snowboarding. From pro-rider roots to early Andean explorations, the highly intense and ever-opinionated Keene continues to mold the physical and mental game of future generations. The multi-faceted legacy of Bud Keene.

“I remember my first turns on a snowboard—I’m getting chills on the back of my neck right now because I’ll never forget it—they were in 10 inches of powder on a backcountry trail in Stowe. There was this feeling in my body—I can still feel it. And from that moment on all I wanted to do were two things—I wanted to feel that feeling again, and I wanted to help someone else feel it too. And how can that be a bad thing? Every one of us— every person that snowboards—should be trying to give someone else access. I’ve always believed the more people that experienced that feeling, the better place the world would be.”

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