A pre-trip pillow session culminated with Marie sending this stack.


Coast Mountains

ADRENALINIC: Twenty Miles from Nowhere in the Coast Mountains

It was nearing dusk by the time we reached the hut. A Canadian flag flapped in the wind outside of the small A-frame. Snow fell lightly from the sky. The front door was wide open.

“You wanna go first?” 

Fellow media man Matt Bruhns and I had been breaking trail through deep snow for hours on snowmobiles laden with a few nights’ worth of food, clothing and camping equipment. He’d led the charge. I decided I should be the one to see if any Coast Mountain critters had found their way into this off-grid abode somewhere beyond British Columbia’s Sea to Sky. 

Thankfully, no sharp-toothed locals had taken residence inside. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I scanned what would be our accommodations for the next couple days. A well-equipped kitchen counter, two-burner cooktop and sink on the left. A cast iron woodstove in the middle. A table that converts into a bunk suited for two folks behind that, and a loft that could fit three, maybe four if you’re friendly. Musty foam mattresses in the corner. A pulley-assisted drying rack above it all. Backcountry luxury…

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