Danny Davis

From Michigan’s “Mitten” to Tahoe to the US Open and the Olympics, Danny Davis has become one of the world’s most recognizable riders. Yet, with a style-first approach and creative vision, he has maintained a following from core riders as well. Danny on serious snowboarding, Sochi, giving back, feeling a bit kooky and more.

Words: John Laing.

Call it a shift, call it a changing industry, call it what you will, but snowboarding is changing. Certain high-level athletes are seen by all, from the fresh-eyed grom, to the pioneers who paved the way. Now more than ever, snowboarders in the spotlight are being called upon to keep the stoke alive—authenticity is gold when it comes to spreading positive vibrations from the core to the mainstream. Snowboarding needs people like Danny Davis more than ever right now.

From Highland, MI to Truckee, CA, Danny has stayed connected without selling out…

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