Danny Larsen

Norwegian Danny Larsen has a unique approach to snowboarding–one that draws on his roots in the dark woods of Scandinavia, legends of mountain trolls and wolves, and a love for black metal. Larsen possesses a unique eye for the mountain and cityscapes of the world driven by a take on snowboarding that goes beyond the quantification of rotations and flips. Senior Editor John Laing picks the brain of the ever-inventive Norseman.

Danny Larsen is the product of his environment—which happens to be the forests outside of Oslo, Norway—and it bleeds into his snowboarding. Pale-skinned with long black hair, Danny reflects the dark mountains that surrounded his childhood in the small village of Lommedalen, Norway, where a common belief is that the mountains grew from trolls exposed to the sun. Appearances aside, his approach to life is undoubtedly positive and guided by a simple belief in personal freedom.

This belief in self-expression also rules his riding: when he snowboards, he might not do the hardest trick on the most amazing feature, but his approach is purposefully different than what may be expected from his peers…

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