David Carrier Porcheron

David Carrier Porcheron grew up in the small town of Chicoutimi, Quebec, riding the small hills on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. In the late ‘90s, he moved west and learned English while working the fry pit at a KFC while honing his shred skills in the Whistler backcountry. Since, he has developed into one of the most recognized riders in the snowboard world with distinct, powerful style, closer parts with Mack Dawg Productions, his own snowboard brand, and ten years running at the helm of backcountry progression. This is the story of DCP.

Some riders cultivate an image—a public persona that sets them apart from the herd: Cool guys sell snowboards.

Others simply rely on their snowboarding. I would argue that this takes a lot more skill. You’d better be damn good at getting down the mountain to stand apart from the hundreds of shreds that kill it on a daily basis. And I would also argue that David Carrier Porcheron—DCP—is this kind of snowboarder.

DCP has never been the front man of a rock band or the dude who throws a TV set out the window. He doesn’t have any visible tattoos. Hell, when he moved west in the late ‘90s, he didn’t even speak English…Subscribe to see the whole story.


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