Eric Bergeri

Frenchman Eric Bergeri has been shooting snowboarding professionally since the mid-90s when he left his doctorate studies in engineering in search of the new experiences provided by snowboard travel. Now living in Brazil, he continues to be captivated by the cultural intricacies provided by winter travel and brings back unique images from the many nooks and crannies of the alpine environment.

In the early ‘90s I was spending my summers training to be a scuba diving instructor—a good way to dive for free. Bored with teaching, I started to take underwater photos with a small point-and-shoot. In the fall of 1992, I spent all my money on a Canon EOS 10 and some cheap lenses with the goal to later get a water housing and flashes.

Then, in January 1993, my older brother Benoit died in a snowboarding accident, prompting me to realize that life is short and it is important to pursue the things you enjoy most. It turned out photography was that thing for me…

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