“Worm is a silent assassin; he doesn’t talk much about what he is going to do. He usually sneaks up to a takeoff, puts in as little work as possible, gives you a heads up if you’re lucky, then blasts off into something sick that you couldn’t imagine. Switch backside 180 in Revelstoke, BC.” Photo: Johan Rosen


Garrett Warnick

What Makes Sense to Garrett Warnick

Garrett Warnick, aka Worm, is one of the most underrated snowboarders out there. He’s resilient, an underground hero, seldom receiving the recognition he deserves. Granted, the 29-year-old is a bit of an enigma in the snowboard world. Instead of growing jaded, he hasn’t lost his focus, and has remained commendably respectful and humble. It’s hard to appreciate the struggles when going through them, yet inevitably we feel gratitude about the hardships we’ve endured. As one of Garrett’s former team managers said, “To those whose opinions actually matter within snowboarding, he’s recognized as an A-list talent.” Which was followed up with, “I wish we could’ve done more to support him.” 

As the adage goes, “Wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up first.” Fortunately, Worm knows his value and refuses to sit idle as empty promises fill his hand. Despite setbacks, Worm’s ability to remain highly motivated commands respect. With confidence to grab the reins and take control of his destiny, he is creating opportunities to showcase his incredible abilities. 

Truthfully, I can’t say I feel bad for globally known pros who are stepping out of $500k homes to load up new sleds into dope trucks to go get shots, but I certainly don’t envy them. I’m not saying they aren’t deserving of success, or that financial freedom wouldn’t be nice. Yet 30 years from now, sitting around a campfire with their grandkids, what’ll they tell them? That they were the most well-marketed, best-compensated snowboarder of their day?…

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