Government Row

Beyond campers on a caffeine high, soggy boots and summer park laps lie the lurkers in the shady spots of Mt Hood’s Government Camp–this is lurker life on Government Row as seen through the lens of Liam Gallagher.

Government Camp on Mt. Hood, Oregon is a poem, a stench, a blistering sunburn, a pair of rose-colored shades, a vibe, an addiction, a memory, a dream. Govy is the lathered and battered, tin and cedar and moss and rotten wood, worn pavement and overgrown trails and abandoned snow cats, summer camps, skate ramps, coffee shops, and little crowded Govy General and Charlie’s and Hucks and The Rat. Its seasonal inhabitants are, as the man once said, “whores, pimps, gamblers and sons of bitches,” by which he meant everybody. Had the dude lurked through another session he might have said, “Saints and angels and martyrs and holy men,” and he would have meant the same thing…

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