Blair Habenicht



Don't Panic: Just Get to Haines

We don’t know where we’re going stay, but we know we’re going to get there.

“Get up here Friday,” says Sean “SeanDog” Brownell, according to Blair Habenicht. Sean’s got a pilot. They’ve been having a hard time finding pilots. A massive boom in the heliski industry in the 49th state is underway off the tail end of COVID shutdowns. Everyone’s been waiting for the past few years, and it seems like plenty of folks have budget to burn. I’ve been pushing buttons, making calls for a few months to feed that Alaska addiction. 

And now, a window. Maybe two days, maybe three, maybe one. All we need is one. Alex Pashley’s going up to shoot photos with Blake Paul, Curtis Ciszek and Austin Smith. We can run a second crew out of the same ship with Blair, Mary Rand and Spencer O’Brien. Connor Winton and Liam Gallagher are onboard to film. Logistics: tickets to Juneau, tickets to Haines. Where are we going to stay? How much money do we really need? Do we have a car? It’s hard to keep up with the text threads but it seems like it’ll work…

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