Portrait of Hannah Eddy


Hannah Eddy

WHAT FEELS RIGHT: Hannah Eddy’s Visual Language

Hannah Eddy lives in a constant feedback loop of positive energy.  

Growing up in Freeport, ME, she didn’t plan for an art career. Creative tinkering just felt right. Whether with pen and paper or aboard a board, flow-dominant pursuits moved her through her formative years, eventually leading to college in Colorado, summers at Mount Hood, then Tahoe, Portland and Reno, with a few other stops along the way. But she never felt obligated to make a living as an artist. Maybe that’s why it took her a while to pursue art full-time. 

Despite sponsorship at a young age and a low-key presence in snowboarding, Hannah never saw professional riding as a career, and it never became one. Still, she was there, ripping in photoshoots for sponsors like K2 Snowboarding, traveling and reveling in the slice of snowboard culture where she felt at home. In recent years, that’s meant a lot of splitboarding with her husband, Tim, who has found plenty of success as a rider by following his own truth… 

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