Janna Meyen-Weatherby

Janna Meyen-Weatherby is undoubtedly the most influential female snowboarder of all time. From winning the US Open at the age of 13 to dropping out of school, struggles with depression and, finally, finding happiness, Alisa Mokler-Harper discusses a 24-year ride that is purely Janna–a career that has always been conducted on her own terms.

It’s 10 a.m. on a Breckenridge, CO Friday morning and Daylight Donuts on Main Street is packed. A girl in a Volcom tank top rolls up on a mountain bike, muscles cut, straight hair pulled back, not a lick of makeup, sun-bronzed shoulders. Everyone glances up when she walks through the door—some with curious furrows, most with a reflective smile—it’s hard to tell if it’s because they recognize her, know her, or just notice her. She’s glowing with more than a suntan; her smile is huge, her attitude infectious and her booming voice makes no apologies.

Janna Meyen Weatherby sits at a small table in the Breckenridge sun and devours a breakfast sandwich in 30 seconds flat. “Sorry,” she says, “I just came from CrossFit and I’m starving.” She’s bleeding too—from her shin and hands. She doesn’t seem to notice.

“What’s up Josiah? How’s it going Hawkins?” she addresses a couple of pre-teen kids rolling up on their bikes. “Getting some donuts? That’s what I’m talking about—right on.” Occasionally, a stranger will stop to comment on one of her many tattoos. She pulls up her short leg to show off her newest—a portrait of fallen friend Jeremiah Pebley with “In God’s Hands” in script.

She sips black coffee with bright eyes and delves into the memories of one of the greatest careers in snowboard history…

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