Jenna Low

Welcome to Jenna Low’s Noboard Nation, where the snow is deep, the community small, and bindings unnecessary–a gallerie from the depths of the Kootenay Mountains, and a glimpse into the world of noboarding.

Small Town Girl Makes Good. Blond Bombshell Infiltrates BC Backcountry Scene. Barbie of the Backcountry. These are some of the headlines that could be used in the after school special of the J-Low story. Jenna Low: photographer, Canadian beauty queen, world traveler, epicurean. The girl has more tricks than a magic act in Vegas. And her resume is already padded with an impressive list of riders and companies after only a few short years behind the lens.

Hailing from the small town of Chase, BC, Jenna met Cholo Burns and the late Gregg Todds during a four year stint in Whistler. Her introduction to the backcountry—and Noboarding—came soon thereafter…

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