Laura Hadar Profile

Raised in a trailer park outside Aspen, CO, Laura Hadar built a career upon Salt Lake City street sessions. But she recently migrated to the mountains and hasn’t looked back. From SLC nights to AK mornings, this is the rebirth of Laura Hadar.

Words Colin Wiseman

It’s a rare person who moves to the mountains when their career is built upon street sessions—particularly in the world of women’s snowboarding. In this world, contest results take precedence over video parts, with only a handful of riders surviving on pixel-based paychecks. Those who do carve out a film-based niche usually do so in urban environs—very few female freeriders make a life, and a living, in the mountains.
Laura Hadar, however, doesn’t care. Two years ago, she made a decision to, simply put, “Go snowboarding in the mountains.” Despite expectations. Despite stereotypes…

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