Marco Grilc

In his home country of Slovenia, Marko Grilc enjoys A-list celebrity status. From the brink of civil war to parties at the playboy mansion and everything in between, this the King of Slovenia.

…Grilo, it seems, likes the limelight. He hails from a country of just two million people that shares the coastline of the Adriatic Sea with Italy to the west and Croatia to the east. It’s a country that was a part of the former Yugoslavia until secession in 1991, and a country that managed to avoid, for the most part, the bitter four-year war that took 140,000 lives in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro. And Grilo is something of a household name back home. After winning the Air & Style in 2009, he landed an interview in Playboy and a spot in a European version of Maxim, which called him a “Freestyle Hero.” He starred in the Red Bull-funded “Grilomentary,” a satirical look at his daily life including a fictional liaison with a beautiful reporter…

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