Mount Shasta

Drawn by tales of the mystical, five riders take to the slopes of Northern California’s Mount Shasta. Although they don’t find the fabled underground metropolis of Telos, they do receive telepathic messages through a man named Yoj—and what might best be described as bucolic adventure in the shadow of the most voluminous peak in the Cascade Volcanic Arc.

It was storming heavily outside the mountain hut high upon Mount Shasta, CA. A group of climbers and skiers inside were enjoying a warm meal when the knock came. Before anyone could stand up, a hooded, cloaked figure opened the door and entered the cabin carrying nothing but a lantern. He silently moved across the room and took a seat at the table. He picked up a piece of tinfoil and turn it over in his hands as if it was something of great value—a treasure of sorts. Carefully folding the foil into his pocket, he rose and crossed the room back to the door. The storm swallowed the light of his lantern within a few steps.

Such is the legend of Mount Shasta, a place, depending upon whom you ask, of great spiritual value and mystery. Stories range from the subtly weird to outright mystical…

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