Nathanael Asaro

Eastern Embodiment: Nathanael Asaro and the Vermont Wilderness

In 2011,  when Nathanael Asaro was still a teenager, he started working alongside me at Lunaroma in Burlington, VT. Although 15 years my junior, we instantly connected over the simple pleasure of exploring the Vermont wilderness. Pick any season and the kid from Greensboro was firing on all cylinders, ready to camp, bike, hike, canoe, skate, snowshoe, or snowboard. 

Now 27 years old, Nathanael’s only grown more knowledgeable and passionate about the East Coast outdoor lifestyle. A 2016 graduate of Burlington College with a bachelor’s in photography, Nathanael has transformed his outdoor explorations into a full-time career making images for a long list of local and international clients like Bataleon Snowboards, Anon Optics, Nikon, the State of Vermont and beyond. Whether shooting products, landscapes, people, or outdoor pursuits, Nathanael is in touch with what he photographs. And therein lies the secret to his success: He truly lives what he documents. This rings especially true with his snowboard photography. When not focusing his camera on others, he can be found turning heads with his own riding. He’s all in—always.

 As far as his photographic style, “I’m always studying the landscape, looking for things that catch my eye,” Nathanael says. “I try to embody the environment I’m in and then combine landscapes or features I find compelling with my subjects. I use my camera as a tool to capture things or moments that give me a feeling. Learning about nature and being in the wilderness will always inspire me.”

While Vermont and its neighboring states have churned out an influential list of professional snowboarders and photographers over the decades, the East Coast has always seemed to ebb and flow within the snowboard scene. The usual path to snow-industry success leads west, but those who stay home make the most of a tight-knit crew and pass along local knowledge to the next generation. Nathanael has chosen to stay put. He’s learned the ins and outs of everything from the Stowe backcountry to building backyard parks through local legends Johnny Noel and Ryan Perryman. Early indoctrinations via the expansive Mount Mansfield backcountry inspire his current pursuit of new angles in New England…


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