Norway’s Lyngen Alps

The weather in Norway’s Lyngen alps is unpredictable, to say the least. Four splitboarders learn the hard way about the ferocity of Arctic storms and live to ride another day amongst Norway’s northern fjords.

Scientists have surely researched the most heat-preserving positions for groups exposed to extreme cold. Research I should have read, because I was finding it increasingly hard to stay warm in a snow cave with my three companions: Gion Meier, Olsen Wolf and Harald Nax. Certainly, sitting next to each other in a line could not be optimal, but I kept quiet. The cold was creeping up my back. Damp clothes made me shiver as I gave in and leaned against the wall of our snowy chamber. It began to feel a little colder. I focused upon rhythmically moving my toes inside my boots. It had been silent for some time, save the rustling of an aluminum emergency blanket and howling wind outside. It was pitch black with a shade of blue shimmering through the entrance. The GPS coordinates read 69°33’52.24“N / 20°08’09.80.”E. We were lost in a Norwegian storm above the Arctic Circle…

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