Pat Moore

Growing up on the slopes of Waterville Valley, NH, Pat Moore developed an early appreciation for the tight-knit East Coast snowboard scene. Moving west at the age of 17, he then found himself in the upper echelon of pro snowboarding. From a broken pelvis to his own movie with Veeco Productions, Pat Moore talks about his end game and everything in between.

You can spot him from a mile away. All black everything, fresh ink, long red beard; to strangers, he could’ve played a metal show the night before. To those in the know, he is one of the most powerful snowboarders in the game right now. You get closer and the big smile breaks out.

Pat Moore is a happy man.

He should be—he has a lot of which to be proud. He’s in the middle of a world tour for his Veeco Films production, Mr. Plant. The North America and European legs just ended and he’s in California for a few days before it’s wheels up to Asia with filmer and lead man on the project, Jake Price. They will hang in South Korea for a couple of days, move on to Tokyo, then end it all at Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore. When the snow falls, he’ll go to Baldface Lodge, BC to kick off the season…

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