Red Mountain Revisited

Krush Kulesza’s life as a snowboarder started with a jaunt across the border to Red Mountain, BC, in 1990, which lead to a stint of van living north of the border through the mid-90s. Two decades later, he returns with the Think Thank crew and finds a new approach to his old stomping grounds.

In 1990, snowboarders in northeastern Washington State had only a couple options. The first was 49˚ North just outside of Chewelah. This mom and pop resort allowed snowboarding under the condition that one met with a ski patroller, high school principal, local cop, or another fun-hating entity and demonstrated their ability to control a snowboard by turning left, right and stopping. Unfortunately, I could do none of these things…

It had been ten years since I had been to Red when Jesse Burtner said he and the Think Thank crew were heading up there for a couple weeks. It had been a dismal couple months at my home in the Cascades, and I hadn’t gotten a lottery spot in the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. The timing was perfect to revisit Red Mountain…

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