Scotty Lago

It’s a rare rider who can stand atop both the contest and the film world. But New Hampshirite Scotty Lago has found balance between X Games obligations and Brain Farm backcountry sessions. Scotty Lago weighs in on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the pro bass tour, and Alaska versus the Olympics.

It is difficult to define what makes a snowboarder great. Whether through style, innovation, contest results, video parts or editorial coverage, most riders tend to focus on one or two areas to make their mark. Rare is the rider near the top of the contest world who can also produce a powerful video part and still develop a distinctive approach. But with accomplishments ranging from halfpipe bronze in the Vancouver Olympics, X Games podiums and a U.S. Open quarterpipe win to a heavy video presence with Brain Farm, Absinthe and Transworld and accompanying editorial love, Scotty Lago transcends the boundaries—he is no more a contest rider than a film standout, a technician than a innovator. He sets himself apart as someone who takes risks—he might not put it down every attempt, but when he does, it is a moment to remember…

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