Snowsurf Niseko

On Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, there exists a clan of snow surfers. They live in Niseko, where it snows 650 inches a year, and cultivate a fluid style informed by subtle crystalline geometry. Gerry Lopez, Josh Dirksen and Alex Yoder discover the snowsurf vibe.

…Watching the Gentem crew perform perhaps the simplest act in snowboarding was a study in style. Each rider displayed a unique approach, but they shared a common connection to the slope, not wasting an inch of snow, an ounce of gravity. Like a surfer letting the wave dictate their trajectory—images of Gerry Lopez feathering a heaving Hawaiian lip come to mind—the snow surfers allowed the terrain to guide their movements, finding flow that harmonized with the mountain. Fluid, efficient precision—simple snowboarding made beautiful…

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