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Stephan Jende’s Visual Timestamp

Born in the Northeastern corner of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Stephan Jende struggled with dyslexia as a child. Frustrated in school, he found the symbiotic relationship between art, skating and snowboarding to be a comforting outlet through which he could truly express himself. The visual world became his most coherent world. 

“I started out watching skate movies and emulating the professionals with my friends—we made mini edits and had a crew,” Stephan says. “When it came to snowboarding I was never a good rail rider or jumper, so picking up the camera gave me a purpose. The early days of shooting at Troll [Trollhaugen, WI], I would just go on a weekend and find angles in the park. I was still pretty shy and timid, especially when it came to my riding, so it allowed me to open up and meet new people.”

Stephan and his childhood friends looked up to generations of Minnesota riders from Chad Otterstrom and Micah McGinnity, to Zac Marben and Jonas Michilot, Ethan Deiss and Dan “Danimals” Liedahl, Bald E-Gal Productions and the Impaler crew, and so many more. Along with Cole and Chase Linzmeyer, Stephan would ride Trollhaugen as well as Minnesota’s Afton Alps and Wild Mountain, first filming then gravitating toward still imagery at the age of 18…

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