Tahoe to Baker 1985

In 1985, a group of Tahoe snowboarders piled into a car with their sights set on the first Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. They would stop along the way at Park City, UT and Jackson Hole, WY, to undertake snowboard advocacy, with help from a Colorado contingent. Terry Kidwell, Evan Feen, Bob Klein, Boy Aggro and Mike Nakamura take to the road for Bud Fawcett’s first snowboard trip—their travels are the epitome of core.

1985 was a year full of new energy and excitement.Restless energy directed at snowboarding spawned creativity in many ways. Snowboard designs were getting more and more technologically advanced and the realm of what was possible changed daily. Whether discovering how to ride fakie, or up semi-vert walls, all was new to us. But there was another type of restlessness. We were so limited in where we could snowboard. For our Tahoe-based crew, dreamy discussions after riding focused upon new mountains to hike and the possibility of traveling elsewhere to ride at a real ski area…Subscribe to start your collection of frequency TSJ.


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