Tamok Norway

Tamok: a hidden valley in the far reaches of the Norwegian highlands. There, a handful of freeriders gathered to ride, relax, and rejoice. Spanish lensman Carlos Blanchard reflects on the magic of Tamok and the passage of time in the quiet purity of remote mountainscapes.

From the start it was like stepping into a pre-marked path, and now that I look back into it, this just makes more sense to me. Things that seemed scattered and disorganized now seem ordered and meaningful—photos help to do that, sometimes. Having one helicopter for several people, sharing rides and runs, trying to access different zones to give us all what we wanted and fill up ourselves with what Tamok offers: long runs in a beautiful environment, feeling the solitude of the location while riding.

At the bottom of the valley, things were simple, surrounded by a good mix of people with a cooperative vibe and similar interests when the weather took a turn for the worse. Without much to do besides riding or hiking, time can drag on in isolated settings. The feeling will remain forever, beyond expectations and these photos will always be a reflection of it—a small percentage of the excitement, down time and, above all, the magic of places like Tamok…

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