Tantalus Revisted Gallerie

A half-decade back, Jonaven Moore nearly lost his life while trying to score lines via heli in BC’s Tantalus Range. It prompted a step back from the spotlight and a serious evaluation of his personal goals in snowboarding. A half decade later, he returns with Jeremy Jones and photographer Dan Milner to ride Mount Tantalus in an entirely different manner–via splitboard and base camp–and finds redemption.

For the first time in my life I’m glad the snow is hard and crusty. I’m swapping the surefootedness and edge hold of soft snow for guarantees that snow-bridged crevasses are still firm and safe to cross. All I have to go by is a small pool of light from my head lamp as it dances on the narrow, icy track left by Jonaven Moore’s crossing the previous afternoon, back when the snow was soft.

Jonaven is still out there, alone, doing the solo bivouac mission it takes to drop into the line he wants to ride at sunrise…

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