Taro Tamai

Snowsurf guru Taro Tamai is a legend of Japanese board riding. An innovative board builder, his philosophical perspective goes beyond camber, sidecut and body mechanics. Informed by the natural world and drawing no boundaries in the pursuit of sideways momentum, Tamai discusses simplicity, nature, mastery, individualism, the third dimension and more.

…”The goals of western culture and eastern cultures might be the same, but the process can be different. In Japanese or eastern culture, my definition of a master is one who can take whatever is unnecessary away and make it more simple. It’s not just skills or creating material things, it’s about everything in life. To live simply. To figure out what’s really important and live simply. I am not completely there yet, but it’s important to keep in mind, and to strive towards that. Nature is simple. It inspires us to simplify”…

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