The Rascals

Scotty Wittlake and Bryan Fox didn’t set out to make a snowboard movie–it happened organically. Posted up in Glacier, WA, they rode Mt Baker with friends and brought the camera along. The result is a raw, truthful look at a season spent riding with friends–some of whom happen to be some of the best riders in the world. This is the organic evolution of “The Rascals.”

…“The Rascals” became, undoubtedly, a movie filmed by snowboarders on their daily grind. As most film companies traveled north, east, south and west in search of blue skies and deep snow, Scotty and Bryan set out via chairlift to document snowboarding through their eyes. They were aiming for the best, but prepared for the worst—ultimately, it was a simple product of riding with friends. “I’ve spent the last seven years filming, and it’s all about doing a trick,” says Bryan. “There are rails and jumps, and trying for a part with a bunch of tricks. Scotty’s older, I’m getting older, and it’s really nice to see someone just ride a line really well. Coming from serious crews and finding that happy medium between messing around and getting a cool shot is where we wanted to be.” Both were serious about this creation, but not too serious. “I would not consider us snowboard filmmakers, and I would not consider what we were making a snowboard film in the conventional sense,” says Scotty…

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