Total Immersion

Scrap’d for the Season

It began in Austria. Legendary photographer Dean Blotto Gray and Burton marketing guru Zach Nigro were there gathering marketing collateral going into the winter. Consumed by daily digital demands, they decided to make something tangible.

“We decided to do scrapbooks because we thought it’d be fun to stray away from the smart phone,” Blotto says. “When we were on trips, we felt like working on books would be a good way to go beyond thumbing through a screen.” 

The two agreed to document their personal travels for the winter then compare notes. But it morphed into something more: a collaborative project with friends along the way. “Originally, we thought we’d write a few things in it, like a journal,” Nigro says, “but we ended up mostly doing artwork with other people. And looking at it now, that artwork can trigger a memory, a story. I’ll show mine to Blotto and it’ll bring me back to the moment in a way that’s totally different from an Instagram post that’s gone in a day.”…

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