Travis Rice

A Unique Duality: Travis Rice Chooses Love over Fear

Travis Rice has evolved. 

In 2011, I visited him at his home in Jackson, WY, for a profile in Issue #9.3 of this title. He was in the middle of making The Art of Flight. That seminal follow up to 2008’s That’s It That’s All set a new bar for not only snowboard performance, but also production value in the backcountry. “We were pretty full on back then,” he says with a laugh. 

Travis tells me he revisited the 2011 profile ahead of this interview. In fact, he’s been reading a lot, studying topics that go well beyond snowboarding. Theology, spirituality, geology. Energy. The dude’s got a lot of it, and he’s also interested in how it works. He applies what he’s learned, what he continues to learn, to his snowboarding, to his life. He feeds off moments of intensity as much as moments of hilarity and can be equally focused or irreverent given the appropriate circumstance. He lives a unique duality of public presence and private contemplation and he lives in both worlds fully… 

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