Biking on the coast. Pushing bikes through sand to find surf.

Photo Essay

United Kingdom

Shredding Plastic

I was having dinner with Victor Daviet in Annecy. And he told me about this trip he was going for with Sébastien Konijnenberg, 5 days later. and i was a bit like « Thank you for not inviting me Victor! » 5 days later i was in a train going to French Brittany to hop on a ferry going to south of UK. Victor lent me his old stepdad’s traveling bike. looking super heavy. One tiny photo bag, camping gear and 2 underwear in the bag. The concept was to bike from Newhaven 5 days/60 miles a day which is a lot when you are fully loaded. The goal was to reach the dry slope on Thursday for the next « Freestyle Night »  We did it, it was beautiful, exhausting, so much fun…  

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