Wyatt Stasinos

Man as mountain; mountain as man. Wyatt Stasinos has an unspoken connection with alpine environs. The Aspen Valley, CO native wanders with the snow, spreading an unintentional Zen philosophy to those with whom he interacts. Wyatt Stasinos—here, now, and more monk by the minute.

Wyatt is free. Or at least, way more free than me. I admire his freedom. Envy it. Aspire to find it. That’s what I’m looking for. That’s what we’re all looking for. Right?

I wonder how he does it. I know he doesn’t have a cell phone. Doesn’t have a mortgage. Or rent even. He’s still a hashtag. Not yet an @. Good luck following him. You can’t even unfollow the dude. Last winter, when we met up, he had almost all his worldly possessions packed into a truck. He and his brother and Nick Russell set out on a six-month snowboard adventure. They started in Colorado and went north, all the way to Alaska. On the road all winter, chasing the snow and making a movie…

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