Zeb Powell

Star Aligned: Shifting Culture with Zeb Powell

Someone asked me to put Zeb into context and I was like, ‘You know when Luke Skywalker went to see Yoda for the first time, and he didn’t complete his training, but he could still do some fucked up shit? That’s Zeb. He doesn’t even know how to use a lightsaber yet. Stand by.’”
—Selema Masekela, October 2021 

Every generation of snowboarders sees its handful of elites sliding the scales of progression to a place previously thought impossible. We often grow familiar with these prodigies as they spin and flip their way to podiums across the globe—a well-traveled blueprint from competitions to filming flexibility and financial freedom. These select riders earn their spots through consistency, their keep by adding degrees to the prior year’s gold-worthy tricks. In the grand scheme of things, these superlative snowboarders are scarce. But rarer still are those who can hang with the best and inspire colossal change in our culture. In that special sense, Zeb Powell is one of a gifted few…

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