Hestra Mittens

Alpine Pro Army Leather GORE-TEX Mitten

The Hestra Army Leather GORE-TEX mittens are hands down the warmest mittens I’ve ever worn, the first pair that’s ever kept my hands warm on a less than 25 degrees Farenheit day of riding. In addition to their unmatched warmth, the GORE-TEX has proven critical in the Pacific Northwest’s typical near-freezing, ultra-wet, hot powder conditions.

I tend to run cold, like frigidly cold. Most of the time. And as a snowboarder, I need a little extra to keep comfortable if I’m gonna spend consecutive days munching powder and slaying the slopes. These mittens, made for the extreme, provide that necessary warmth, allowing me to spend more time perfecting methods and less time in the lodge regaining the feeling in my fingers.

With an incredibly soft inner lining, goat leather palm, upper section made of windproof, water-resistant and breathable HESTRA Triton three-layer polyamide fabric and GORE-TEX, no conditions are too severe for my dainty digits. When temps skirt above the freezing level, then even my hands can be likened to that of a first-date hand-hold, where everyone is noticeably nervous.

To compliment the comfort, these Hestra mitts also have some fun features like elastic cuffs that make it slightly less frightening to take the mitts off while on the chair lift. They’re also equipped with a carabiner to hold them together when not in use. All in all, I’m giving these mittens two very cozy thumbs up.

To purchase Hestra’s Army Leather GORE-TEX® mittens or get more information, visit Hestra’s website at

mitten SIZE: 8
Fit: Run a bit large
core-temp: always cold



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